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Born and raised in Sweden, Tony started his career in film and tv by editing. In 2007 he moved to New York City to pursue bigger stories. Working as a cameraman he found great challenges in covering news, primarily for media organisations such as Reuters and Al Jazeera. After getting more assignments shooting in-depth stories, Tony’s focus shifted towards cinematography.

In 2015 he relocated to Los Angeles where he now resides. As of today, Tony is mainly woking high profile commercials and documentaries, and even though he still loves to put the camera on a car rig or a dolly when the narrative so requires, he has developed his own smooth hand held style which has become his signature. 

Despite the fact that Los Angeles is his home base, Tony often finds himself being more on the road than back in southern California. 

His background as an editor is something that has truly helped him becoming a more accomplished cinematographer. To understand the coverage and the story told, while filming, is essential to the result.


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