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My goal is to infuse the film with character and texture by utilizing vintage spherical lenses for the main part of the film. Additionally, I would like to explore the idea of using a different lens kit, specifically anamorphic lenses, to create a distinct visual style for the "flashback" sequences.


I have also taken into account the practical aspects of weight and size, as we plan to shoot the film predominantly handheld. Lastly, it's important to test the chosen lenses on hair, makeup, wardrobe, and the actors' faces to ensure we are ready to shoot on day 1. 

1. Filming with Vintage Spherical Lenses:

  • Give the film a unique character and texture by using vintage spherical lenses.

  • These lenses possess distinctive qualities that can bring depth and personality to our visuals.

  • By pairing vintage spherical lenses with a digital camera, we can combine the charm of vintage aesthetics with the benefits of modern technology.

2. Differentiating Flashbacks with Anamorphic Lenses:

  • To make the "flashback" sequences visually distinct, we propose using anamorphic lenses.

  • Anamorphic lenses will provide a nostalgic and visually captivating look for these scenes.

  • This approach will create a clear separation between the present and the past, enhancing the audience's engagement and emotional connection.

See the two tests here:

Please note these are flair tests and are not lit:

Password: sexgreed

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After testing over 15 lenses, my recommendation for shooting the "main" part of the film would be to pair them with the Alexa35 camera.

They have a great vintage feel.  They are sharp on center, with medium/low contrast.  You can get sharp images, but you retain more detail on your shadows and highlights. This also makes them very flattering on our actors. 

Notible films shot with these: Arrival, Moonlight and Euphoria season 1.

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The flashbacks could get a very special and interesting look with these anamorphic lenses. What sets anamorphic lenses apart is their ability to create a cinematic and dreamlike atmosphere. With beautiful horizontal lens flares, oval bokeh, and enhanced depth of field, they add an artistic flair that intensifies the emotional impact of your flashbacks.

Notable film shot with these lenses: A Star is Born.


Screenshot 2023-06-03 at 8.38.22 AM.png
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Two other favorite lenses are the Cooke Speed Panchro, a very nice leight weight, vintage lens. The number of films shot with these  lenses is too long to list.


Canon Rangefinder could be a very interesting choice for the "flashbacks" as well.

Beauitful flairs and soft characteristics. I think that could work very well for a "dreamlike" flashbacks and would fit very well on a female lead. 

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